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America is not a perfect country, because by nature, people are fallible. Yet, in spite of all the faults and failures that have occurred during our nation’s 239-year history, I’d rather live in the United States than any other country. Only in America, can an individual rise from poverty-to-prosperity through his or her own efforts. History will undoubtedly recognize the United States of America as the greatest nation of modern times.

What is it that makes America special? It’s our unmatched Constitution, our love of freedom, the opportunity to pursue our dreams and most importantly, the ingenuity and goodness of our citizens. Unfortunately, the sad reality is, we are slowly losing these vital attributes to those who desire to “fundamentally transform” our beloved America into a European-Socialist society. They seek to: (1) Trash the Constitution; (2) Deprive us of our God-given rights; (3) Crush our dreams; and (4) Leave us depleted of hope and enthusiasm. For decades, the Left has legislated programs and policies, which prevent Americans from maximizing their potential―denying us the fundamental human right to economic prosperity, in terms of employment and entrepreneurship. We must abolish these crippling policies and unleash the power of our free market system―expanding liberty, opportunity and fair play for all Americans. America’s power is in its people.

Throughout history, whenever freedom and Constitutional principles were under attack, a grassroots movement emerged to oppose those policies that encroached on the rights of Americans. An excellent example of this was the anti-slavery movement, which was spearheaded by Frederick Douglass. In view of today’s threats to our liberties, America is in urgent need of another Freedom Movement―to end the Left’s suffocating grip that: (1) Limits job growth; (2) Stifles entrepreneurial spirit; and (3) Prevents Americans from improving their quality of life. We are the Frederick Douglass Republicans (FDRs) Movement.

A grassroots initiative, the FDRs Movement consists of everyday citizens of our great nation, from all walks of life and ethnicities, who powerfully form a united front to ensure that the government executes the principles of the Constitution and fosters and protects an environment of opportunity and fair play.

Not beholding to any political party, FDRs are concerned the government is gaining too much power―seizing our right to economic empowerment and self-rule. Our primary objective is to agitate both political parties to make the pain and plight of America’s poor a priority. They must legislate policies that value the poor in our society. When the “most vulnerable” are empowered, America will be elevated, transforming the poor from consumers to producers, borrowers to lenders, and poverty dwellers to entrepreneurs.

Our success in mobilizing and growing a nationwide, all-inclusive Freedom Movement depends on defeating the Left’s negative propaganda attacks by empowering and equipping individuals to articulate a unifying language of liberty―inspiring Americans to champion the values and vision of a free and prosperous society. Based on my bestselling book entitled, Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite America’s Passion for Liberty, the FDR Engagement Methodology is simple, direct and effective. It is based on the diversity engagement philosophy of the Apostle Paul and the writings of the great liberty messenger, Frederick Douglass. The FDRs Engagement Methodology is a simple idea with a powerful impact. It is the offensive strategy of the Liberty Movement.


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3 thoughts on “Unleash America’s Power

  1. I love the nostalgia of one of our greatest Americans once again being resurrected to give hope and liberty back to a downtrodden American people. From Frederick Douglass to the 100 years of Black and Tans to today. May the message of freedom, justice and prevail against the Democrat party’s ungodly choke hold on people, especially the people of color. God Bless you Mr. Smith.

  2. Another fine article by K Carl Smith.
    I wish you could be a speech writer and advisor for Donald J. Trump.