The Power to Get Out of Your Conservative Closet


The story-line of the Superman cartoon goes like this: When a citizen is attacked by a mugger or the naclarkkentphoneboothtion is in trouble, Clark Kent, the mild-mannered, ace reporter for the Daily Planet excuses himself from whatever he is involved in, zips into the nearest closet/phone booth and emerges as Superman—having the POWER to “fight for truth, justice and the American way.”

In a recent article by Larry O’Connor: “And this is why I was a closeted conservative when I worked on Broadway,” Larry points out the fact that many Conservatives are in the closet because they fear social and economic push-back.

Additionally, because of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, Conservatives and people who voted for the Republican candidate have been physically attacked, verbally abused, and socially ostracized. For example:

Back to the Superman story. Something happened to Clark Kent when he entered the closet. He was powerfully transformed and super-energized. Like Superman, it’s time for Conservatives to come out of their closets with the POWER to conquer their fears and frustrations when it comes to engaging their family members, friends, and people of different ethnicities.

In my view, Frederick Douglass is the quintessential Constitutional Conservative and the bridge over the abyss of racism and douglass1-2class envy that has been purposefully created by Liberals. His writings and speeches about liberty, economic prosperity, school choice, immigration, religious freedom, free speech, the role of government, the U.S. Constitution and much more, are just as compelling and necessary today as they were when he wrote and spoke about them over 120 years ago. The wisdom and writings of Frederick Douglass provide Conservatives considerable leverage to: (1) Trump the ‘race card’; (2) Frame the narrative; and (3) Change hearts and minds.

The Frederick Douglass Republicans Engagement Strategy is the solution Conservatives have long waited for. This life-changing approach empowers Conservatives with confidence, knowledge and the inspiration to come out of the shadows and step into the arena of political dialogue. Moreover, it provides hope to Conservatives who know they are not racists or Uncle Toms, but they are being unfairly mislabeled, misunderstood, and demonized—with the intent of silencing their voices. The Frederick Douglass Republicans Engagement Strategy is not a theory. It’s a success formula based on real world results.

In early January 2017, we’ll be releasing a series of 4 short video lessons, Frederick Douglass Republicans Engagement Strategy Mini Course. Each video is packed with ideas that you can put to action right away. You can view all these videos for free.

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