It’s Not About COLOR

It's About VALUES

Frederick Douglass Republicans Engagement Methodology—the offensive strategy for the liberty movement.     -KCarl Smith

The 2012 Presidential Election was an enormous setback for the conservative movement. The Democratic Party’s lopsided victory was not surprising. Why? Conservatives lack an effective strategy to:

  • Expand beyond their traditional base—winning over Blacks, Latinos, women and young people;
  • Excite the conservative base;
  • Defeat the vile and malicious stacks of the Left’s propaganda machine;

According to experts, the demographics of the United States are changing dramatically and by the year 2050, whites will become the minority in the population. Mostly comprised of white Americans, the conservative movement must find new answers, new solutions and new ideas to become more diverse if it intends to remain a viable political force.

The pivotal question facing conservatives is this: “What is the best way to share the life-empowering values of the conservative philosophy with ALL Americans—diversity inclusion? The solution requires a fresh approach to connect people and defeat the deceitful attacks of the Left—the Frederick Douglass Engagement Methodology.

Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Methodology—the single most effective strategy for sharing your conservative values without the fear of being accused as a racist, Uncle Tom, sellout or bigot.      -KCarl Smith

If we are to are reclaim America, conservatives have to master a language of liberty that has an universal appeal. To learn how, register for our empowering “Diversity Engagement” online course: