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Frederick Douglass is an iconic historical figure whose noble qualities are apparent in the lives of four major biblical characters.

Like JOSEPH, who was sold into slavery by his brothers and later became second-in-command of Egypt, Douglass was born into slavery and served as an advisor to five U.S. Presidents: (1) Abraham Lincoln; (2) Ulysses S. Grant; (3) Rutherford Hayes; (4) James Garfield; and (5) Benjamin Harrison.

Like MOSES, who liberated the Israelites from Eygpt by confronting Pharaoh, Douglass fought to liberate blacks from slavery by agitating President Lincoln.

Frederick Douglass—the ultimate American Dream story and the quintessential liberty messenger.       – KCarl Smith

Like the APOSTLE PAUL, who wrote the majority of the New Testament and composed letters that changed the world, Douglass authored three books, penned thousands of articles, speeches and editorials that transformed the nature of politics in America.

Like JESUS, who forgave those who nailed Him to the cross and gave His life for the salvation of humanity, Douglass forgave his slave masters and dedicated his life for the liberation of all people.

For these reasons and more, Douglass’ political and social principles can heal our beloved America. This is why I’m a Frederick Douglass Republican!

Frederick Douglass—the role model for liberty, politicians, and the next generation.           – KCarl Smith

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6 thoughts on “Frederick Douglass Republicans

  1. How does one arrange for a guest speaker? The month of June 2016, the Vulcan Kiwanis Club, Birmingham is seeking guest speakers for their Tuesday morning breakfast meeting, at the Alabama Power Co., downtown .Birmingham, from 7- 8:00 am. Is there a representative in the local Birmingham
    conmmunity. Dates available: June 14, 21 & 28th. If those dates are not possible, please let know what would be a good time.

  2. Hi KCarl ,

    Good to see you are still in action. I took your course when you gave it near The Villages Florida.

    My wife and I moved from The Villages to another part of Florida a little over a year ago to help our daughter and son-in-law with our two young grandchildren. I joined our church choir and planned to concentrate on my music, our grandchildren, my pro-life activism, but no longer on politics. However, Romney put me over the edge a few weeks ago, so I volunteered for the Trump campaign. Most of my friends are supporting Cruz. but I feel Cruz is not electable in the general.

    I feel the I-4 corridor will be the key to winning Florida.

    I still have your book and material and plan to give them to my 11 yearld grandson and try to convince him to make it a school project. I’ve already told both our grandchildren about Frederick Douglass.

    By the way, our church has an elementary school. I’m thinking that when I get to know my pastor better, I can convince him to invite you do a presentation at our church. But that would be in the future.

    May you and yours have Blessed and Happy Easter

  3. Kcarl, I truly admire your courageous stance and I applaud your efforts to get this critical message out to America. My only reservation is that there are many people who would love to take your course and who would then take your message and spread it. However they cannot afford the price. We are living in dire financial times. As you know, Obama has wrecked the American economy. I know you have to make a living like the rest of us, but what is more important? I think saving this nation is. And I believe that if you would make the course available for free and put your trust in the Lord, He would bless your socks off. Just a thought.

  4. Frederick Douglass is the embodiment of the American Dream, from rags to riches, that he worked every step for. Created the formula for spiritual and economic success- the ladder of economic self-empowerment: 1) learn to read and write (he taught himself) 2) take a job, any job and don’t leave it until you have another one that is better, 3) encourage others to support and to be entrepreneurs and you’ll have true independence. He left a plantation and blacks today need to take a chance and leave the plantation of govt. entitlement that has a very low ceiling, and no chance for advancement. Join Frederick Douglass Republicans and help us restore the GOP, once God’s Own Party!