How to Share Your Conservative Values Without the Fear of Being Called a Racist

Brief Overview

The number one challenge facing the conservative movement is its inability to defeat the vile and malicious attacks of the Left-wing propaganda machine. In the presentation, you will discover the skills to trump the race card and  how to share your conservative values in ways that resonates with ALL Americans, especially among minorities, women and young people. This is the beginning of the end of playing the “race card” to silence conservative voices.

Presentation Outline

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Section 1: Introduction 
KCarl shares his own personal testimony and provides inspirational testimonials from Frederick Douglass Republican from across America, who have put the FDR Engagement Methodology into practice.

Section 2: The Elephant in the Room
From a historical perspective, KCarl explains why the word conservative and the name Republican Party have a racist connotation. He describes in detail how conservatives surrendered control of the narrative and provides a proven strategy for getting it back.

Section 3: Why Frederick Douglass?
KCarl explains what makes Frederick Douglass an unique and divine fit to help restore America to its founding principles and why Douglass is the Left’s worst nightmare.

Section 4: The Life of Frederick Douglass
The life of Frederick Douglass is both inspiring and informing. KCarl provides information about Douglass’ life that most individuals are not aware of.

Section 5: Frederick Douglass on the U.S. Constitution
KCarl discusses Douglass’ view on the U.S. Constitution, Three-Fifths Clause, immigration, school choice and much more.

Section 6: Frederick Douglass on Respect for Life
In this section, KCarl shares excerpts from Douglass’ writings that eloquently express Douglass’ regarding for human life.

Section 7: Frederick Douglass on the Limited POWER of Government
KCarl discusses Douglass’ thoughts on the role of government, entitlement programs, and wealth creation.

Section 8: Frederick Douglass on Personal Responsibility
Douglass was a firm believer in personal responsibility. KCarl shares what Douglass had to say on this subject, to include the topic of work ethic and dependency mentality.

Section 9: The Three Myths
KCarl dispels the three myths regarding the FDR movement. He especially shatters the widespread belief that white conservatives cannot successfully engage minorities.

Section 10: The Art of Engagement
WOW! KCarl shares his. God-given diversity engagement philosophy and teaches you how to share your conservative values without the fear of being called a racist, Uncle Tom, sellout or bigot. KCarl’s ingenious messaging strategy will create a positive impact in your life. It’s an unstoppable approach.

Section 11: The Apostle Paul Did It and You Can Too
KCarl teaches you to do what the Apostle Paul was able to do—effectively share a life-empowering in ways that will resonate with other ethnic groups—diversity engagement.

Section 12: Turning Challenges Into Teachable Moments
In this section, KCarl helps you sharpen your engagement skills by teaching you how to respond to the “Most Asked Challenges” that conservatives face.

Practical Exercise
It’s time for you to put the FDR Engagement Methodology into action. Let’s get busy!

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