The number one challenge confronting conservative candidates is their inability to share their message in ways that resonate with a wide range of Americans. As a result, they lack an effective diversity inclusion strategy to: (1) Expand beyond their traditional voter base—winning over more minorities, women and young people; (2) Defeat the vile and malicious attacks of the Left-wing’s propaganda machine; and (3) Energize the conservative-base.

To win elections, conservatives candidates require a fresh approach to position themselves in a positive light with Americans, who ordinarily would not vote for a conservative. And, they must form a powerful ground game of staff and volunteers who also know how to effectively deliver the conservative message in ways that reach Americans.

The Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR) Engagement Methodology is the diversity engagement strategy that has eluded the conservative movement for decades. It is comprised of two essential elements. First, it encompasses the four life-empowering values that the vast majority of Americans share with Frederick Douglass. These values are:

  • Respect for the U.S. Constitution;
  • Respect for Life;
  • Belief in the Limited POWER of government; and
  • Belief in Personal Responsibility;

Second, the FDR approach employs the diversity engagement strategy of Apostle Paul. The combination of Douglass’ life-empowering values and Apostle Paul’s diversity engagement philosophy are powerfully effective and can’t be beaten. Click here to register for “Trump the Race Card” online course.

Over the past six years, we have proven the FDR message resonates solidly with five voting blocs:

Black Americans – Frederick Douglass is the “Father of the Civil Rights Movement”. What’s more, Black ministers embrace the FDR message because Douglass was an ordained AME Zion preacher, who used his faith in God to overcome slavery and fight racism.

We have taken the FDR message into the Black community (churches, colleges, barbershops and hair salons, etc,). Of those who have heard the message, the majority of them have joined our movement. No matter which victim category the Left tries to put people in, there isn’t an American today who can out-victimize Douglass.

It was the FDR message that inspired Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory to switch to the Republican Party and conservative movement in 2013.

As a statement of witness, in 2011, an upper level executive of the NAACP read KCarl’s book and commented, “If the Frederick Douglass Republican message gets on a national level, the Democratic Party would be toast and President Obama would be history.”

Latinos – The FDR message resonates with the Hispanic community because of Douglass’ unmatched work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. Douglass wrote about the importance of legal immigration in his speech entitled, Our Composite Nationality.

Women – Douglass’ message embraces and empowers women as they grapple with issues concerning parental school choice, affordable health care, the economy and tax breaks for married couples. Douglass was affectionately referred to as a “Women Rights Man.”

Young People – As a youth, who took education seriously, Douglass developed an action plan that allow him to rise from a slave to a statesman and from poverty to prosperity. He was an advisor to five Republican presidents. At the time his death in 1895, Douglass amassed $300,000 in savings. That’s over 10 million dollars in today’s money.

Conservative Base – The FDR message energizes the conservative base. It has proven to be a big hit, because it empowers them with a powerful engagement strategy for sharing their conservative values, without the fear being called a racist. The quintessential Constitutional conservative was Frederick Douglass. The FDR movement isn’t a “black thing”, on the contrary, it’s a “Liberty thing”.

Requiring sincere and genuine total involvement, the FDR Engagement Methodology provides conservative candidates the ability to:

  • Inoculate themselves against the propaganda attacks of the Left and establishment GOP;
  • Articulate their position on the issues based on Douglass’ writings (U.S. Constitution, immigration, school choice, liberty, role of government, entrepreneurship, religious freedom, wealth creation and health care);
  • Share their conservative values in ways that resonate with ALL Americans, especially among minorities, women and young people;
  • A unifying message, the FDR Engagement Methodology is a proven strategy for sharing the life-empowering values of the conservative philosophy.


He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.  All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast, ….                     – Rev. 13:7-8a (NIV)

In Revelation 13:7-8a, John describes three concise actions or characteristics of the beast or the anti-Christ:

  1. Makes war against the saints
  2. Rules by methods of intimidation
  3. Worshipped by the people

When I read this text the other day, I immediately thought about the Obama administration and the anti-Christian forces within the Democratic Party. By no means am I calling President Obama the beast, a demon, or the anti-Christ.

But, I am saying this – as some scholars have suggested – the beast or anti-christ is not necessarily a person, but a political entity or system that sets itself up against God. In other words, it is the cooperative relationship between the leader and organizations that support principles and policies that are anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible, and anti-liberty.

First of all, the Obama Administration has declared war on the Christian church and the faith community by redefining God’s definition of marriage and viciously attacking our religious freedoms. Simply put, preachers in America who challenge the theological position of the LGBT community are being vilified and some have been imprisoned – this is contrary to our Constitutional rights of free speech.

Secondly, the Obama Administration’s use of “Executive Orders” — or should I say misuse – are tactics of intimidation that are limiting the power of the U. S. Constitution and shattering the spirit of liberty in America.

Third, many people, specifically, African-Americans have a tendency to worship President Obama because of the historical significance of being the first person of color to occupy the highest office in the land. As an African-American, I realize we must be careful in elevating Obama to such a lofty status. While we celebrate his historical achievement, we must also highlight the fact that his policies are eroding the economic vitality of urban communities; crippling the strength of our healthcare system; stifling the creativity of the free-market enterprise; and eating away at the moral fiber of our country.

Enough is enough! It is time for the “Friends of Freedom” to STAND and put an end to this anti-Christ movement that is threatening the life and liberty of American citizens. Who will stand with us to denounce and defeat the socialist agenda of the Left? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was correct:

“It is not malicious acts that will do us in but the appalling silence and indifference of good people. All that is needed for evil to run rampant is for good women and men to do nothing.”