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America is not a perfect country, because by nature, people are fallible. Yet, in spite of all the faults and failures that have occurred during our nation’s 239-year history, I’d rather live in the United States than any other country. Only in America, can an individual rise from poverty-to-prosperity through his or her own efforts. History will undoubtedly recognize the United States of America as the greatest nation of modern times.

What is it that makes America special? It’s our unmatched Constitution, our love of freedom, the opportunity to pursue our dreams and most importantly, the ingenuity and goodness of our citizens. Unfortunately, the sad reality is, we are slowly losing these vital attributes to those who desire to “fundamentally transform” our beloved America into a European-Socialist society. They seek to: (1) Trash the Constitution; (2) Deprive us of our God-given rights; (3) Crush our dreams; and (4) Leave us depleted of hope and enthusiasm. For decades, the Left has legislated programs and policies, which prevent Americans from maximizing their potential―denying us the fundamental human right to economic prosperity, in terms of employment and entrepreneurship. We must abolish these crippling policies and unleash the power of our free market system―expanding liberty, opportunity and fair play for all Americans. America’s power is in its people.

Throughout history, whenever freedom and Constitutional principles were under attack, a grassroots movement emerged to oppose those policies that encroached on the rights of Americans. An excellent example of this was the anti-slavery movement, which was spearheaded by Frederick Douglass. In view of today’s threats to our liberties, America is in urgent need of another Freedom Movement―to end the Left’s suffocating grip that: (1) Limits job growth; (2) Stifles entrepreneurial spirit; and (3) Prevents Americans from improving their quality of life. We are the Frederick Douglass Republicans (FDRs) Movement.

A grassroots initiative, the FDRs Movement consists of everyday citizens of our great nation, from all walks of life and ethnicities, who powerfully form a united front to ensure that the government executes the principles of the Constitution and fosters and protects an environment of opportunity and fair play.

Not beholding to any political party, FDRs are concerned the government is gaining too much power―seizing our right to economic empowerment and self-rule. Our primary objective is to agitate both political parties to make the pain and plight of America’s poor a priority. They must legislate policies that value the poor in our society. When the “most vulnerable” are empowered, America will be elevated, transforming the poor from consumers to producers, borrowers to lenders, and poverty dwellers to entrepreneurs.

Our success in mobilizing and growing a nationwide, all-inclusive Freedom Movement depends on defeating the Left’s negative propaganda attacks by empowering and equipping individuals to articulate a unifying language of liberty―inspiring Americans to champion the values and vision of a free and prosperous society. Based on my bestselling book entitled, Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite America’s Passion for Liberty, the FDR Engagement Methodology is simple, direct and effective. It is based on the diversity engagement philosophy of the Apostle Paul and the writings of the great liberty messenger, Frederick Douglass. The FDRs Engagement Methodology is a simple idea with a powerful impact. It is the offensive strategy of the Liberty Movement.


The Power to Get Out of Your Conservative Closet


The story-line of the Superman cartoon goes like this: When a citizen is attacked by a mugger or the naclarkkentphoneboothtion is in trouble, Clark Kent, the mild-mannered, ace reporter for the Daily Planet excuses himself from whatever he is involved in, zips into the nearest closet/phone booth and emerges as Superman—having the POWER to “fight for truth, justice and the American way.”

In a recent article by Larry O’Connor: “And this is why I was a closeted conservative when I worked on Broadway,” Larry points out the fact that many Conservatives are in the closet because they fear social and economic push-back.

Additionally, because of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, Conservatives and people who voted for the Republican candidate have been physically attacked, verbally abused, and socially ostracized. For example:

Back to the Superman story. Something happened to Clark Kent when he entered the closet. He was powerfully transformed and super-energized. Like Superman, it’s time for Conservatives to come out of their closets with the POWER to conquer their fears and frustrations when it comes to engaging their family members, friends, and people of different ethnicities.

In my view, Frederick Douglass is the quintessential Constitutional Conservative and the bridge over the abyss of racism and douglass1-2class envy that has been purposefully created by Liberals. His writings and speeches about liberty, economic prosperity, school choice, immigration, religious freedom, free speech, the role of government, the U.S. Constitution and much more, are just as compelling and necessary today as they were when he wrote and spoke about them over 120 years ago. The wisdom and writings of Frederick Douglass provide Conservatives considerable leverage to: (1) Trump the ‘race card’; (2) Frame the narrative; and (3) Change hearts and minds.

The Frederick Douglass Republicans Engagement Strategy is the solution Conservatives have long waited for. This life-changing approach empowers Conservatives with confidence, knowledge and the inspiration to come out of the shadows and step into the arena of political dialogue. Moreover, it provides hope to Conservatives who know they are not racists or Uncle Toms, but they are being unfairly mislabeled, misunderstood, and demonized—with the intent of silencing their voices. The Frederick Douglass Republicans Engagement Strategy is not a theory. It’s a success formula based on real world results.

In early January 2017, we’ll be releasing a series of 4 short video lessons, Frederick Douglass Republicans Engagement Strategy Mini Course. Each video is packed with ideas that you can put to action right away. You can view all these videos for free.

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A Quick Survey



We’re VERY close to finishing our long-awaited Most Asked Challenges Pamphlet, 4th edition. The pamphlet is periodically updated to address the current political climate.

We have been working on this for more than three months, but we are finally going to wrap it up. We will be releasing it in early January 2017.

As you may know, this pamphlet focuses on the most asked challenges that Conservative and Republicans face. It will be included with the Frederick Douglass Republicans 101 Online Course. It is a complete brain dump of everything that we know about responding to the Left’s masterful use of negative propaganda to shame and discredit Conservatives and Republicans.

We are going to cover all the ways that we use to turn the Left’s challenges into teachable moments, and we are going to show you how to: (1) Trump the ‘race card’; (2) Frame the narrative; (3) Better articulate a unifying language of liberty that resonate with a wide range people; and (4) Permanently disable the Left’s vile and malicious propaganda machine. Moreover, we are going to teach you an engagement skill that could forever transform your life.

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize everything and send it off to the printer, we need to make sure we have covered everything.

That is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey—there is only one thing we want to ask you . .

I want to know what you’re struggling with most right now when it comes to engaging your friends and family members regarding your conservative values and/or the Republican Party message?

NOTE: Please type your response in the comment section.

We’re the Left’s Worst Nightmare

A Proven Strategy for Moving the Needle


In our nation’s most densely populated urban areas, the Left currently has a suffocating grip on the minds and lives of our fellow citizens. Living in these communities are Black and Latino Conservatives, who secretly reside in their conservative closets—afraid to engage their family members, friends and fellow citizens—fearing social, economic and political backlash. Living in the lion’s den, our “Friends of Freedom” regularly encounter ridicule and humiliation, because of their decision to identify themselves as Conservatives and/or joining the ranks of the Republican Party. They lack a messaging strategy that: (1) Guards them against the “Uncle Tom” and “sellout” labels; and (2) Empowers them to frame the narrative.


Figure 1

Earlier this year, I was in the very blue state of Rhode Island, where I shared the Frederick Douglass liberty message to a church attended by Black and Latino inner city millennials (Figure 1). Former Democrats, the pastor and his entire congregation are now proud and powerful Frederick Douglass Republicans (FDRs). Talk about moving the needle, they joined and assumed key leadership roles within the Providence Republican City Committee (Figure 2). Most importantly, they have been trained in the proven and effective Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Methodology, so that they can “flip” others and handle the push-back. These two photographs speak volumes!


Figure 2

These millennials are on fire to spread the message of liberty. They all aspire to be successful, like Frederick Douglass, our quintessential American Dream role model. A statesman, orator, and a proud 1%er from a former slave, Douglass’ life and writings are as inspiring and compelling today as they were over 150 years ago. He was an adviser to five U.S. presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, and his counsel helped heal, reunite and restore America. Frederick Douglass can confidently guide us through our present social and racial divisions, if we’re willing to listen.

America’s very existence is in jeopardy. With our inaction, we have allowed the blessings of liberty to slip away and they may soon be irrevocably lost. Partner with us and help to empower Black and Latino Conservatives in other urban communities with the training and educational resources they need to share the liberty message and “Make the American Dream an American Reality”.

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He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast, ….                     – Rev. 13:7-8a (NIV)

In Revelation 13:7-8a, John describes three concise actions or characteristics of the beast or the anti-Christ:

  1. Makes war against the saints
  2. Rules by methods of intimidation
  3. Worshiped by the people

When I read this text, I immediately thought about the Obama administration and the anti-Christian forces within the Democratic Party. By no means am I calling President Obama the beast, a demon, or the anti-Christ.

But, I am saying this – as some scholars have suggested – the beast or anti-Christ is not necessarily a person, but a political entity or system that sets itself up against God. In other words, it is the cooperative relationship between the leader and organizations that support principles and policies that are anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible, and anti-Liberty.

First of all, the Obama Administration has declared war on the Christian church and the faith community by redefining God’s definition of marriage—viciously attacking our religious freedoms. Simply put, preachers in America who challenge the theological position of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community are being vilified and some have been imprisoned.

Secondly, the Obama Administration’s uses the combination of policies, lawsuits, executive orders and other acts of intimidation to ensure conformity—shattering the spirit of Liberty in America.

Third, many people, specifically, African-Americans have a tendency to worship President Obama because of the historical significance of being the first person of color to occupy the highest office in the land. As an African-American myself, we must be careful in elevating Obama to such a lofty status. While we celebrate his historical achievement, we must also highlight the fact that his policies are eroding the economic vitality of urban communities; crippling the strength of our healthcare system; stifling the creativity of the free-market enterprise; and eating away at the moral fiber of our country.

Enough is enough! It is time for the “Friends of Freedom” to STAND and put an end to this anti-Christ movement that is threatening the life and Liberty of American citizens. We need to  be “Christian champions and not “political chumps”. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was correct:


Frederick Douglass is THE ANSWER!


I just read an article in the Washington Post that, “Charles Koch urged his fellow donors to follow the lead of figures such as Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.”  Charles Koch gets it.

If we are serious about improving the plight of the poor and helping them to understand that a free America gives them the best opportunity for success, we must make Frederick Douglass an integral part of our message. In fact, both Susan B. Anthony and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. were greatly influenced Douglass.           – KCarl Smith

Conservatives are in need of a Super Hero! A person who can: (1) Re-ignite America’s passion for liberty; (2) Empower conservatives to better articulate their values; (3) Restore the brand of the liberty movement; and (4) Defeat the vile and malicious attacks of the Left’s propaganda machine. The answer is Frederick Douglass—the quintessential American Dream Story and one of the most prolific writers of the 19th century.


In order to connect with “the middle third”, as Koch’s political network calls it, conservatives must learn how to share their values in ways that resonate with the majority of Americans. They must master the language of liberty.

No matter which victim category the Left tries to put people in, no American today can out victimize Frederick Douglass.     -KCarl Smith

LibertyMessenger USA™  is the only organization to design and implement a messaging strategy, which embraces the life-empowering values of Douglass and employs the diversity engagement philosophy of the Apostle Paul. It’s a combination that can’t be beaten.

Based on my bestselling book, Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite America’s Passion for Liberty, on October 1st we will launch an online course entitled, Frederick Douglass Republicans 101: How to Share Your Conservative Values Without the Fear of Being Called a Racist, Uncle Tom, Sellout or Bigot. The course dispels the myth that white conservatives cannot successfully engage minorities. They can, and they are, once they are empowered, equipped and trained in what works—the Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Methodology.

Click here for Douglass’ Life-Empowering Values

Click here for Frederick Douglass Republicans Online Course

The liberty message of Frederick Douglass is even more compelling and urgent today, than it was 200 years ago.     -KCarl Smith





The number one challenge confronting conservative candidates is their inability to share their message in ways that resonate with a wide range of Americans. As a result, they lack an effective diversity inclusion strategy to: (1) Expand beyond their traditional voter base—winning over more minorities, women and young people; (2) Defeat the vile and malicious attacks of the Left-wing’s propaganda machine; and (3) Energize the conservative-base.

To win elections, conservatives candidates require a fresh approach to position themselves in a positive light with Americans, who ordinarily would not vote for a conservative. And, they must form a powerful ground game of staff and volunteers who also know how to effectively deliver the conservative message in ways to reach a wide range of people.

When you tell someone you are a ‘conservative’, you give them a reason not to vote for you. But, when you tell someone you are a ‘Frederick Douglass Republican’, you get them excited to vote for you.     -KCarl Smith

The Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR) Methodology is the diversity engagement strategy that has eluded the Conservative movement for decades. It is comprised of two essential elements. First, it encompasses the life-empowering values that the vast majority of Americans share with Frederick Douglass.

Douglass’ Life-Empowering Values:

  • Respect for the U.S. Constitution;
  • Education (school choice)
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Free Speech
  • Religious Freedom
  • Respect for Life;
  • Limited POWER of government; and
  • Personal Responsibility;

Second, the FDR approach employs the diversity engagement strategy of Apostle Paul. The combination of Douglass’ life-empowering values and Apostle Paul’s diversity engagement philosophy are powerfully effective and can’t be beaten. The FDR Engagement Methodology is featured in the “FDR 101 Online Course”. Click on the button below for more information and to register:


Over the past six years, we have proven the FDR message resonates solidly with five voting blocs:

Black Americans – Frederick Douglass is the “Father of the Civil Rights Movement”. What’s more, Black ministers embrace the FDR message because Douglass was an ordained AME Zion preacher who used his faith in God to overcome slavery and fight racism.

We have taken the FDR message into the Black community (churches, colleges, barbershops and hair salons, etc,). Of those who have heard the message, the majority of them have joined our movement. No matter which victim category the Left tries to put people in, there isn’t an American today who can out-victimize Douglass.

It was the FDR message that inspired Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory to switch to the Republican Party and conservative movement in 2013. Check out his interview with KCarl:

Latinos – The FDR message resonates with the Hispanic community because of Douglass’ unmatched work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. Douglass wrote about the importance of legal immigration in his speech entitled, Our Composite Nationality.

Women – Douglass’ message embraces and empowers women as they grapple with issues concerning parental school choice, affordable health care, the economy and tax breaks for married couples. Douglass was affectionately referred to as a “Women Rights Man.”

Young People – As a youth, who took education seriously, Douglass developed an action plan that allowed him to rise from a slave to a statesman and from poverty to prosperity. He was an advisor to five Republican presidents. At the time his death in 1895, Douglass amassed $300,000 in savings. That’s over 10 million dollars in today’s money.

Conservative Base – The FDR message energizes the conservative base. It has proven to be a big hit because it empowers them with a powerful engagement strategy for sharing their conservative values, without the fear being called a racist. The quintessential Constitutional conservative was Frederick Douglass. The FDR movement isn’t a “black thing”. On the contrary, it’s a “Liberty thing”.

Requiring sincere and genuine total involvement, the FDR Engagement Methodology provides conservative candidates the ability to:

  • Inoculate themselves against the propaganda attacks of the Left and establishment GOP;
  • Articulate their position on the issues based on Douglass’ writings (U.S. Constitution, immigration, school choice, liberty, role of government, entrepreneurship, religious freedom, wealth creation and health care);
  • Share their conservative values in ways that resonate with ALL Americans, especially among minorities, women and young people;
  • A unifying message, the FDR Engagement Methodology is a proven strategy for sharing the life-empowering values of the conservative philosophy;
Thank God we have a literary legacy of Frederick Douglass to defeat the lies and negative propaganda of the Left.     -KCarl Smith