Frederick Douglass Republicans

My Political Identity


Frederick Douglass is an iconic historical figure whose noble qualities are apparent in the lives of four major biblical characters.

Like JOSEPH, who was sold into slavery by his brothers and later became second-in-command of Egypt, Douglass was born into slavery and served as an advisor to five U.S. Presidents: (1) Abraham Lincoln; (2) Ulysses S. Grant; (3) Rutherford Hayes; (4) James Garfield; and (5) Benjamin Harrison.

Like MOSES, who liberated the Israelites from Eygpt by confronting Pharaoh, Douglass fought to liberate blacks from slavery by agitating President Lincoln.

Frederick Douglass—the ultimate American Dream story and the quintessential liberty messenger.       – KCarl Smith

Like the APOSTLE PAUL, who wrote the majority of the New Testament and composed letters that changed the world, Douglass authored three books, penned thousands of articles, speeches and editorials that transformed the nature of politics in America.

Like JESUS, who forgave those who nailed Him to the cross and gave His life for the salvation of humanity, Douglass forgave his slave masters and dedicated his life for the liberation of all people.

For these reasons and more, Douglass’ political and social principles can heal our beloved America. This is why I’m a Frederick Douglass Republican!

Frederick Douglass—the role model for liberty, politicians, and the next generation.           – KCarl Smith