We’re the Left’s Worst Nightmare

A Proven Strategy for Moving the Needle


In our nation’s most densely populated urban areas, the Left currently has a suffocating grip on the minds and lives of our fellow citizens. Living in these communities are Black and Latino Conservatives, who secretly reside in their conservative closets—afraid to engage their family members, friends and fellow citizens—fearing social, economic and political backlash. Living in the lion’s den, our “Friends of Freedom” regularly encounter ridicule and humiliation, because of their decision to identify themselves as Conservatives and/or joining the ranks of the Republican Party. They lack a messaging strategy that: (1) Guards them against the “Uncle Tom” and “sellout” labels; and (2) Empowers them to frame the narrative.


Figure 1

Earlier this year, I was in the very blue state of Rhode Island, where I shared the Frederick Douglass liberty message to a church attended by Black and Latino inner city millennials (Figure 1). Former Democrats, the pastor and his entire congregation are now proud and powerful Frederick Douglass Republicans (FDRs). Talk about moving the needle, they joined and assumed key leadership roles within the Providence Republican City Committee (Figure 2). Most importantly, they have been trained in the proven and effective Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Methodology, so that they can “flip” others and handle the push-back. These two photographs speak volumes!


Figure 2

These millennials are on fire to spread the message of liberty. They all aspire to be successful, like Frederick Douglass, our quintessential American Dream role model. A statesman, orator, and a proud 1%er from a former slave, Douglass’ life and writings are as inspiring and compelling today as they were over 150 years ago. He was an adviser to five U.S. presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, and his counsel helped heal, reunite and restore America. Frederick Douglass can confidently guide us through our present social and racial divisions, if we’re willing to listen.

America’s very existence is in jeopardy. With our inaction, we have allowed the blessings of liberty to slip away and they may soon be irrevocably lost. Partner with us and help to empower Black and Latino Conservatives in other urban communities with the training and educational resources they need to share the liberty message and “Make the American Dream an American Reality”.

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