In October 2009, KCarl Smith resigned from his motivational speaking career and rededicated himself to defending liberty. This former U.S. Army officer, took on a new challenge- becoming a political agitator. He became the founding servant-leader of The ConservativeMESSENGER.

KCarl began the ConservativeMESSENGER with his flagship presentation, “The Making of A Champion Party”  and a unique mantra, A Frederick Douglass Republican™. Inspired by the life of Frederick Douglass and a student of his writings, KCarl narrowed the focus of this grassroots initiative to five specific objectives:

  1. Re-ignite America’s passion for Liberty
  2. Save the souls of the Politically Lost (politico-schizophrenics)
  3. Restore the Republican Party’s Political Distinction
  4. Change how the GOP relates to minorities
  5. Create an atmosphere for political dialogue without accusations of racism.

In less than one year’s time, KCarl had perfected the Frederick Douglass Republican™ Methodology, advocating and expounding upon the Life-Empowering Values of Frederick Douglass:

  • Respect for the Constitution- “The American Constitution is a written instrument full and complete in itself. No court in America, no Congress, no President, can add a single word thereto, or take a single word there from. It is a great national enactment done by the people, and can only be altered, amended, or added to by the people.” ~ Frederick Douglass
  • Respect for Life – Douglass Championed women’s rights and was the face of the Abolitionist Movement.
  • Belief in Individual Responsibility – Douglass viewed entitlements as a detriment to freed slaves because it robs one the chance of self-sufficiency
  • Belief in Limited Government – Douglass believed the role of government is to protect the freedom of opportunity for its citizens.

KCarl has taken this strategy to Tea Party and Conservative groups across the country, educating and empowering attendees on how to effectively espouse the conservative message, pushing past the veil of assumed racism and Uncle Tom-ism. The result: the birth of the Frederick Douglass Republican™ Movement.

Who are Frederick Douglass Republicans? Everyday people- filled with passion and conviction- who have come together as a unified front, committed to help the Republican Party once again become the “party of freedom and progress”.

No longer satisfied with the status quo, Frederick Douglass Republicans are willing to fight for liberty and justice; and to seize the God-given right to self-rule.

Frederick Douglass Republicans are not bound by race, color, religion or creed but are bound by our rich American Heritage.

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Frederick Douglass Republicans is a grassroots initiative whose purpose is to:

Take race and propaganda off the table and create an atmosphere for real political dialogue
To share the Life- Empowering Values of Frederick Douglass
To serve as a resource to diversify the Republican party, returning it to true political distinction
To abolish the practice of blind loyalty to ANY political party, ending voter apathy, changing the dynamic in Washington.

Our Mission

Turning Values into Votes in 2012 and beyond.

We hope you will consider starting a Frederick Douglass Republican chapter and make a donation so we can continue to spread the FDR message.  Thank you.

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