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We’re VERY close to finishing our long-awaited Most Asked Challenges Pamphlet, 4th edition. The pamphlet is periodically updated to address the current political climate.

We have been working on this for more than three months, but we are finally going to wrap it up. We will be releasing it in early January 2017.

As you may know, this pamphlet focuses on the most asked challenges that Conservative and Republicans face. It will be included with the Frederick Douglass Republicans 101 Online Course. It is a complete brain dump of everything that we know about responding to the Left’s masterful use of negative propaganda to shame and discredit Conservatives and Republicans.

We are going to cover all the ways that we use to turn the Left’s challenges into teachable moments, and we are going to show you how to: (1) Trump the ‘race card’; (2) Frame the narrative; (3) Better articulate a unifying language of liberty that resonate with a wide range people; and (4) Permanently disable the Left’s vile and malicious propaganda machine. Moreover, we are going to teach you an engagement skill that could forever transform your life.

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize everything and send it off to the printer, we need to make sure we have covered everything.

That is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey—there is only one thing we want to ask you . .

I want to know what you’re struggling with most right now when it comes to engaging your friends and family members regarding your conservative values and/or the Republican Party message?

NOTE: Please type your response in the comment section.

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24 thoughts on “A Quick Survey

  1. My greatest difficulty has been the engagement with liberals who will drone on, without rest or a break, spouting their drivel in a loud, “auctioneer” fast voice leaving little, of any, room for response. They, in fact, do not wish a response but wish only to command the moment and try to put down any factual embarrassment of their chosen insanity. How does one make his/her point, amid the rain of ridiculous statements, when neither volume reduction nor a break for breath ever seems to appear? The danger is that my temper begins to rise and all hope of rational response flies out the window!

  2. Some of my family members do not think their vote counts, due to the Electoral College. My sister thinks the government and news agencies are ran by a hand full people. Neither party really cares for the people.

  3. My mother, 89, was positively outraged with the awful stuff coming out of Trump’s mouth regarding women, Mexicans, and awful mockery, etc.. It was continually before her prior to the election. His over-the-top, gild-the-lily lifestyle is quite a distasteful contrast to my minimalist approach. So I am in a huge hole trying to focus the arguments on policies. My number one concern is to stop the open borders and enforce legal immigration. How do I proceed with my liberal family members? They think my kind of Christianity is narrow and racist. Thank you for your insight and courage.

    • You are so right, Deb. Trump and Hillary both have made insensitive comments and we can’t excuse any of them. There is no perfect candidate and no perfect political party. That’s why it’s important to vote one’s values. In the “Most Asked Challenges” pamphlet, I’ll provide some specific ways to deal with the push-back you are receiving. Proceed with your family members by inspiring them to vote based on their values. Here’s a quote you may want to share with them:

      “I am the slave of [Christian] principles; I call no [political] party my master.” – Robert Brown Elliott

  4. I am most concerned about contradicting the obvious lies from the media about conservatives and most importantly the use of the racist card by progressives if I disagree on any point of a narative.

  5. My problem is how to open the dialogue with liberals, especially family members, who do not want to discuss politics. Regarding politics they say something like “I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe and we will never agree.” They will not even talk about what issues are important to them. They believe everything from the mainstream media and that Fox News only tells “lies”.

    • Thanks Jer! My suggestion is to talk about values first. Don’t talk politics until you are able to get them to focus on their core values that guide their lives.

  6. I believe that if conservatives help dissipate the gap that has occurred between minorities by improving education and increasing average household income for all. It has to do things that will ultimately eliminate racial disparities that created the opinion that conservatives are not good for minorities. They have to break the barriers between the poor and wealthy with opportunity.
    revamping the criminal justice system to eliminate disparities racially. They have to prove that they can get what they want if they give the less fortunate more.

  7. The racial divide in our country has grown under Obama. Now with the perceived racism of Trump people are drawing lines in the sand. Divide us an conquer us as a nation. I hope and pray President Trump will be able to change that perception in people’s minds.

    • The racial divide in America is a major concern and we’ll touch upon it … making it a teachable moment from the FDR perspective.

  8. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/us-government-turned-away-thousands-jewish-refugees-fearing-they-were-nazi-spies-180957324/#hUGLhjbDgWT8WwOU.01

    You really should read the above article or anyone of the many accounts of the shameful dismissal by FDR of hundreds of People fleeing certain death at the hands of Adolph Hitler.
    Nobel Peace Prize Winner Elie Wiesel was a good family friend right up until his death last year. Boston University may have archives of his lectures on the tragedy of the poor souls on the Ocean Liner “St.Louis”. FDR contributed, with a cold heart, to the eventual demise of hundreds of men, women and children aboard the St.Louis, by refusing them entrance to the US as they fled Nazi Germany.
    It is said that on her deathbed, Eleanor Roosevelt said that turning away the occupants of the St.Louis was one of the saddest moments of her life.
    Heidi Brock-Tamarkin

  9. How do we transform the thinking of milininials to see that the old way of marching and protesting should be replaced by ownership and building community life?

  10. In Richmond, VA, like so many other inner-cities around this country, we have a concentration of poverty that is literally killing minorities. The challenges are overwhelming when you begin to work in these communities and begin to see that for well over 100 years public policy has created this nightmare for so many in urban VA.

    1. How do we help the very people who have been impacted by these public policy failures understand they have the ability to affect positive change in their community?

    2. How do we change the political landscape so that legislation that promotes more education
    opportunities for lower income children can be passed into law?

    • Thank you Craig for your input. Your comments are definitely on point. We’ll be addressing these questions under Douglass’ Life-Empowering values entitled “Economic Prosperity” and “School Choice”.

  11. How do we handle Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter and All lives matter? It seems that which ever of those three you pick a wall goes up.

    • Nancy, you are so right. This is a huge concern, which threatens the very existence of our civil society and the whole concept for the rule of law. A lot of time and effort have been dedicated to address this. It’s that important.

  12. How to educate Americans that there was a very specific reason we have “In God we Trust”emblazoned on our coins. Our moral compass is broken.
    How to teach politician’s stewardship and from spending like “drunken sailors our National debt is a disgrace we need financial responsibility and accountability.

  13. One challenge is Black Lives Matter. The All Lives Matter message needs to be addressed to counter the message sent by BLM.

    The other challenge is the respect for the law and law enforcement in general. Our protectors in the communities of the United States need and deserve all of the respect and assistance that can be provided by residents.

    • Terrific point! As I mentioned in my reply to Nancy, the issue regarding BLM will definitely be address. We’ll empower Conservatives and Republicans how to turn this challenge into a teachable moment.